Friday, March 18, 2016

Prostitution in China

Prostitution is illegal in China but is relegated to the status of a misdemeanor unless the participants knowingly have a “serious venereal disease,” or physical violence, injury, or a minor child under the age of 14 is involved. It is technically punishable with a warning, a fine up to 5,000 yuan, a signature on a "statement of repentance," "re-education through labour," or 15 days in prison. However, due to the relatively high rate of unemployment and the absence of any meaningful social welfare infrastructure, it is—as a matter of practice—openly tolerated barring occasional politically-motivated police sweeps.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mentally Ill Homeless Woman Gives Birth Outdoors, Refuses Help

Early morning May 10th, in an alley next to Longgui Food Market in Baiyun district of Guangzhou, a homeless woman gave birth to an infant boy. This woman may have an mental illness, but utterly resisted hospital assistance. Photographs by Southern Metropolis Daily Reporter Liang Weipei.

According to nearby residents, this woman has been seen around the food market for 2-3 months now, and on May 10th, many people discovered that this one pregnant woman now had a filthy little infant boy in her arms. At first the woman and infant boy were still connected by an umbilical cord, but she herself used scissors to cut it, leaving the bloody umbilical cord on the road in front of the food market.
The infant boy has remained unclothed since it was born, the woman not using any clothing to wrap up the child. She carried the child to a public toilet next to the food market. Someone said the woman was living in the public restroom previously as well. Photo is of a hospital worker trying to persuade the homeless woman to feed her son, but being refused.
At an intersection on Guangcong Road, probably owing to thirst, the woman used a plastic bag to collect water from a roadside ditch and poured it into her mouth, the naked infant boy placed on the muddy ground beside her.

A doctor from the Baiyun District Red Cross Hospital said preliminary determinations indicate the woman may have a mental illness. After nursing care the infant boy’s condition is currently stable and will remain at the hospital for more comprehensive care examination. The hospital has also contacted a mental hospital, where they will send the woman for examination and treatment, while the male infant may in the future be sent to a child welfare institution.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chinese babies are considered medical waste.

According to a Shanghai Morning Post report, at dusk on March 28 in the suburbs of Jining City of Shandong province, residents near the Guangfu River discovered the remains of 15 babies underneath the Guangfu River bridge and within the the Guangfu River, and quickly alerted the authorities. The director of the health department of Jining City, Zhong Haitao, explained saying that the initial investigation has discovered that the 15 babies bodies may be babies from the local hospital that have died as a result of miscarriage or disease, and according to the law, are considered medical waste.
On the morning of the 30th, the Jining City Health Department reported that a total of 21 babies bodies have been found.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The obsession of Chinese with penis size

The length of a Chinese penis
Today Xinhua's Chinese website published an article titled 'Methods of measuring penis length':

The penis is an important part of the male reproductive organ, and it very important to men. In ancient times, the penis appeared on stone totems expressing the adoration humans feel toward the penis. The size of the penis varies between races and individuals.
The unerect penises of Chinese men (aged 18 to 45) are between 4.5 and 8.8 centimeters (1.6 to 3.5 inches) long, with the average length being 6.5 centimeters (2.5 inches).

The fully erect penises of chinese men (aged 18 to 45) are between 3 to 5 inches long, with the average length being 4 inches.
That explains the obsession of the Chinese with penis plates?

Rich chinese men flagellate on animal penis to soften the blows of midlife crisis. Some time back there was another news about an abandoned boat near a big chinese city that was full of rare animals, starving and at the verge of dying. The newly minted rich in the land of manufactoring-plants need some alternate vocation to eating penises; unsuspecting animals may go extinct otherwise.

its a folk law in Chinese medicine that if you eat a penis of xxx your meant to be more manly in a sexual way.

Chinese men have been taking animal penises for hundreds if not thousands of years for virility. It's a traditional Chinese "medicinal cuisine".

Chinese medics hail world’s first lab-grown tiger’s penis

The world of alternative medicine took a major leap forward today as scientists announced they had successfully created an artificial tiger’s cock in their laboratories.
Ground up and ingested by infirm men with more money than trouser-tents, the tiger’s cock has been regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac amongst the superstitious elite for centuries.
Huang Lee led the team of alternative microbiologists who made the breakthrough. ‘It goes without saying that the penis of a powerful, fearsome predator has medicinal properties that we don’t fully understand,’ explained Lee. ‘But harvesting tiger cocks can often be problematic.’

Slow-growing, camouflaged and attached to 500-pound killing machines, tiger cocks are notoriously difficult to get hold of. Dwindling crops and a reluctance to be torn limb-from-limb have lead many farmers to turn to alternative incomes, such as panda lips, gibbon cheeks or dried-up baby seahorses.
‘We knew modern science could work in harmony with traditional therapies,’ announced Lee. ‘And this synthetic stripy cat johnson shows how far we’ve come.’

Eschewing stem-cells, genetic splicing and artificial tissue production, Lee’s team instead took an alternative approach. ‘Using the principles of Chinese medicine, we looked for something a bit like the thing we wanted to solve. That’s why we eventually drew veins on a carrot, using biro.’

The technology is in its infancy, but Lee hopes to soon complete the rigorous clinical trials associated with fabricated cures. ‘We’ve registered ‘Tiagra’ as a trade-name, and drawn a rampant big cat on the label, winking and pointing knowingly at his crotch,’ demonstrated Lee. ‘Now we just need to see if it performs as expected.’
Early signs are hinting at a swell in the company’s coffers. ‘I’ve sold a box to a wealthy industrialist who is soft in both heads,’ declared Lee. ‘We just need to wait and see if he’s too embarrassed to ask for his $12,000 back.’

Friday, June 7, 2013

Car accident: Made in China

Car Accident in Western world:
Meanwhile in China"
 At 8pm on June 30 in Nanjing City, a Buick LaCrosse hit 9 people in Jiangning District and damaged 6 parked cars. Amongst these, 5 people died, including one pregnant woman, while the other 4 people are currently being treated at Jiangning District hospital. The driver was confirmed to have been drunk driving.


On a smoggy summer day, a crowd of mainland Chinese locals, miscellaneous foreigners and the state-controlled press corps congregate in a quiet public park in Nanjing. There is a crowd forming around an oddly-shaped, dead cow. Nearby, old men are playing mahjong in front of the pinned-butterfly museum.
At a few minutes past 2 PM, a skinny, naked Chinese man explodes out of the cow screaming his head off. He is dripping gore and throwing an armful of rose petals into the air. "You're joking!" screams a middle-aged park guard as the crowd applauds. Within minutes the police arrive to try and shut things down but the art exhibition goes on.
Though the police occupy the staging area, an eighteen year-old kid is tying up a hundred sparrows into two flapping bundles behind the museum. He flaps his arms up and down in a grimly poetic attempt at flight as the frenzied birds get more and more tangled up. New crowds are jostling into position and now every paper in town is frantically photographing what seems to be a public display of what hell is like. The birds squeal and peck each other as blood flies in all directions. After ten seconds of trying to fly, the kid cuts both bundles of bound sparrows from his arms and throws them into the air. They get caught in a tree momentarily and then fall back to the cement in a quivering, twitching heap.
At this point the crowd is both mortified and curious. Children are crying but nobody is leaving. Then, two bored-looking young artists tie up a goat and pump it full of whiskey and sedatives. After shaving off half its hair and pouring coke and whipped cream all over the stumbling animal, they kick it around the park. The audience is now divided. Half follow the young boys, clapping their hands like some sort of macabre death party. The other half either leave or stand there crying.
The people who put on this event call themselves Bloody Diarrhea. Their motto is "Let there be revolution!" and they represent a generation that is "nauseated by mainstream Chinese art such as paintings of happy peasants pointing at the red sun rising over a field heralding the coming of Mao's utopia." Between China's new slobbering capitalist markets and the endless public farting of the corrupt Chinese government, Bloody Diarrhea sticks out like a sore thumb. This is still China, remember. There are more official executions here each year than in the rest of the world combined and it is still illegal to say anything publicly against the government.
After the press were notified of the Nanjing performance, dozens of articles appeared in all the voices of the Party. The media unanimously denounced the animal show as an "event of ultimate evil" and as "more spiritual pollution from the West."
It is pretty evil. One couldn't help but almost puke as an eleven year-old girl tried desperately to pick flopping fish out of the glass-shards of one artists' finished display. The more she helped that one fish the more the artist shoved still-living fish and glass into an overstuffed garbage bag. "People say we are disgusting and we are," says their anonymous spokesman. "We represent the disgusting life we have here. The disgusting control the state has over us."
Bloody Diarrhea claim their shows are actually centered on promoting the need for Chinese to live more harmoniously with animals but they show little concern as to how this message is conveyed. "We are just here to destroy. Our message may come second."
The finale of the Nanjing performance consisted of another skinny naked guy who filled a cauldron with water and soy sauce, lit a fire underneath and, holding a shrieking, trussed-up pig, jumped in the pot, staying in until his skin began to blister. He then threw the pig into the air, jumped out of the pot and ran into the sunset. The crowd went wild.

Chained up with the dog

The Chinese boy kept as slave by uncle

This 12-year-old Chinese boy has been chained up by his uncle for the past two years.
It’s claimed that this is for his own safety because he’s mentally handicapped – but most people will find these images truly shocking.
Cai Changqing, from Erlongshan village in Harbin, north-east China's Heilongjiang Province, is shackled each day to a shabby shelter outside his uncle's home.
According to Quan he has to chain his nephew up because, otherwise, he runs away. 
In 2009 Changqing ran out into the road in the city and was severely injured after being run over by a van. 
Quan was left to care for Changqing after the boy's mother died and his father was left paralysed from an accident.
Following the van accident Changqing started to chain his nephew up each day, using a 16ft-long length of iron chain wrapped around the youngster's waist. 
His treatment brings to mind other instances of cruelty to children in China.
Last December pictures emerged of 12-year-old twins Li Luqin and Li Shuangqin tied up by their father Li Wancheng in Yunnan Province.
He began binding them ten years ago for fear they would hurt themselves.

The family currently lives along the roadside in China’s Yunnan Province. The father is trying to save enough money to get medical treatment for the girls.
He is adamant his daughters are not safe to be allowed to roam and the pair have to make do with a life that involves being tied to a fence or a tree – or to each other – every day. 
Passers-by often react angrily as they watch the young girls trapped in their confines, with the ropes cutting into their wrists as they try to wriggle free.
‘When they were two they were found to be not normal,’ says Wancheng. He hopes they can be "cured" once he pays for them to be seen by a doctor, but says: ‘We only have 1000 Yuan (£100) of savings. We don’t have extra.’ 

Another shocking case that came to light last year was that of a two-year-old boy, Cheng Jingdan, who was pictured chained to a lamp post to stop him getting away while his father worked as a rickshaw driver and his handicapped mother scavenged through rubbish. 
Jingdan has since become a pupil at a nursery in the Chinese capital Beijing thanks to the generosity of those who read about his plight.

Read more: 

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Facts about Chinese...

China is comfortably the largest country in the world today. In January 2013, the Chinese Government released data confirming that the population of China was an impressive 1,354,040,000.
As recently as 1950, China's population was a mere 563 million. The population grew dramatically through the following decades to one billion in the early 1980s.
As the world's population is approximately 6.7 billion, China represents a full 20% of the world's population so one in every five people on the planet is a resident of China.
China's population growth has been somewhat slowed by the one child policy, in effect since 1979.
In the next few decades, India, the world's second most populous country is expected to surpass China in population. By 2040, India's population is expected to be 1.52 billion; that same year, China's will be 1.45 billion and India will become the world's most populous country. As of 2005, India has a total fertility rate of 2.8, well above replacement value, so it is growing much more quickly than China.
Chinese more commonly called Chinos due to their similarity with los mestizos in average look and social status in USA...They are mostly Chinese peasants or middle class Chinese making two dollars a month, since disparity social in China is infamous with the big gap between the few upper or ruling class and the masses of middle or peasants class living next or below poverty conditions......Chinese are mostly to get smuggled to the USA, fleeing the extreme poverty, oppression of the CCP and extreme social conditions to the USA, where after they been freed from the CCP tyranny, they get enslaved by the Americans.

Los Chinos are more than 1 billion 300 millions funny faces, not counting the none declared chinck (plural chinx), since, The few that enslaving their ass, don't let them breed more than one funny baby, so they don't declare the 2nd or 3rd one ...etc, often they eat it, or sell it in Asia or America  in human trade market. They may be close to 2 billions ...The CCP don't care if they cant feed all those hungry fanny faces, they are more worried about if they cant arm them all, since in the 70's the Chinos to prepare to an eventual WW...They start an intensive breeding program, so, they were planning, if they get too many, by arming every one just by an M16 and with intensive kung fu lessons, they intend to win the WW and rule the world...What happened is Chinos, start breeding like bacteria...(Chinese girls start menstruating at 6 years old) , By 8 she is doing her patriotic duty for the Chinos army and the CCP, That's explain the famous number 8 in Chinos culture, it's a holy number. So the funny faces overpopulated like No WW...and The Chinese machine still fabricating funny babies...a lot of defectueuse products been signaled, but CCP wont let you know, babies born with a dick on their back, a China man with a horn on his head are just some examples about when Chinos start cheating and making cheap it's like they making babies for 99 cents store.

Chinos in America are mostly known to be peasants fleeing extreme poverty and prosecution in China, or whores descendants representing the Chinese Americans community,  2 or 3 generation old, since Chinese females are known for they eternal obsession even hunt for western men, often whoring is the way to get gweillo seeds inside here super fertile a result, a half breed is made making the Chinese American population. The "Exclusion act" of Chinese immigrants is a sad reality in the Chinese community history in USA, stipulating that all Chinese are presumed prostitutes and automatically banned from entry to America...Well the act been removed and Chinese whore can freely enter the U.S.  making and breeding Chinese  Americans as we known them today.

For Chinese either Illegal Immigrants or often tricking the law or taking advantage of any loophole in the law, since they get shipped in boats via Ecuador or get smuggled through the Mexican border, creating a certain solidarity with Mexicans and Illegal Immigrant from all backgrounds... that's why they are called Chinos...As soon as they are in the promised land, they give up every thing to embrace a new life style, unfortunately they just can't change what they really are ...So as soon as they get a chance to achieve what they never dreamed of in their native land, boosted by their big inferiority complex and the desire to finally get accepted as normal human being, not a weird looking Alien face, they start like enraged in the new land .....Well, this is USA,  we recycle......

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Chinese Whores

...And Delilah got the facial she deserves, 
while joe is waiting to pick her up from school, honking.

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The Immorality of Chinese

 Sample Pictures illustrating the Immorality of Chinese:
Dog cuisine 
While many people regularly consume farm animals such as cows, chickens and pigs, the reaction by many to Chinese consumption of Dog's meat suggest cultural differences and play a role in how some view the treatment of different animals. 
Increasing affluence in major urban areas of China has caused dogs and cats to gain prominence as companion pets, but the darker side of having disposable income is that wealthy Chinese are also patronizing more restaurants that openly serve cat and dog meat--often as a specialty.
The photos of cages filled with dogs waiting to be killed, chopped up and served to diners in high-end restaurants in dishes ranging from soup to steaks, and the obvious pleasure on the faces of the diners is very disturbing. Although some restaurant owners emphatically deny it, there have been wide admissions by those involved in transport that many of the dogs are pets picked up from the streets.
There are no exact statistics on the number of dogs consumed in China, but the neighboring Koreas have a similar culinary culture and also many Koreans live in China. In March 2009, the Korean Times, based in South Korea, reported that approximately 9,000 tons of dog meat is served at about 6,500 restaurants across the country annually, the Global Times reported.
China is one of few countries where cat and dog meat eating remains legal and socially acceptable. In restaurants and at dog-meat markets, dog meat aficianados may stand and watch the animals of their choice butchered and prepared to their taste. China doesn't currently have any formal animal-welfare laws prohibiting the cruel treatment or killing of animals, but pet lovers' associations have sprung up to try to protect dogs and cats from inhumane treatment and from being used as food.
 Future Chinese Olympic team members, Extreme training conditions
The Chinese are currently in the lead in theOlympic medals race, and has shocking new photos showing their young aspiring athletes screaming and crying in anguish during hardcore training sessions that could reveal the secret to their success.
After taking home gold in the men's team gymnastics on Monday, many are marveling at how the Chinese competitors can be so much faster, stronger and fitter than their western rivals, and the roots of their success can now be seen to span back to a very early age.
Many aspiring Olympians are in the gym for up to eight hours a day, six days a week, and according to teachers, they don't get any holiday because a break from training for even a month would make the youngsters rusty, reported the
In the Yunnan Province, children as young as four train for hours every day as they grimace in pain holding handstands, contort into distorted positions, or grip tightly to bare metal bars, unable to hide the agony in their little faces.

At the No. 2 Beijing Shuangqiao School, the youngsters practice on the uneven bars until they have blisters on their tiny hands, with many of them staying at the school for at least five years before they can emerge as athletes.

There has been increasing outrage during recent years over the conditions of these children, who are forced to live and breathe gymnastics, many of whom are boarded at the training center away from their families, such asYang Yilin, who couldn't even say if her parents were watching when she won bronze in the 2008 Olympics.
Life is just as tough for swimmers, who spend hours in the pool at the Chen Jinglun Sports School in Hangzhou, China, where the "Mandarin Mermaid" Ye Shiwen was trained.

The 16-year-old literally blew the competition out of the water when she not only took the gold medal in the 400m individual medley but also knocked a second off the world record and was faster in the last 50m than Ryan Lochte was in his race the same day.

 Chinese girl getting enlightened                                                                                      

An enlightened Chinese-American kid is  brought into existence 

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Hong Kong fast food.... The Chinese mentality.

That's debatable...I mean, I've seen Chinese doing worst.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chinese Babies For Sale

Suitcases packed with 28 Chinese babies for sale. 

Police in south-western China discovered 28 baby girls hidden in nylon suitcases on a long-distance bus, apparently destined to be sold, police and a state-run newspaper said.

One of the babies had died by the time police, acting on a tip-off, found them last week when the bus was stopped at a motorway toll gate in Bingyang, Guangxi province, the Beijing News said.

Police at the Bingyang police station said more than 20 suspects, some among the bus passengers, had been arrested. The babies ranged in age from a few days to about three months.
"They had been on the bus for four or five hours before they were found," an officer said.
Some of the infants were two or three to a suitcase, which were stacked on the luggage rack, the back row of seats and along the sides of the bus. The babies seemed to have been drugged to keep them from crying. Some were starting to turn purple as temperatures had dropped on the bus during the night.
Police said they did not know where the babies came from or where they were headed. The bus was travelling from Yulin city in poverty-stricken Guangxi province to central China's similarly poor Anhui province.
The 27 surviving babies, who were in stable condition, were being cared for at the Minorities Weisheng School in nearby Nanlin district, police said.
Most of those arrested were middle-aged women from Bingyang.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Are Chinese Companies Selling Pills Made of Dead Babies?

I really hope this South Korean report is false: Chinese pharmaceutical companies are buying baby corpses from hospitals, grinding them into pills, and then selling them as stamina boosters. Feel free to gag uncontrollably now and then keep reading.
According to the documentary created by South Korean SBS TV, the baby material comes from stillborn births and abortion clinics, and is produced by a microwave drying process. Well! Time to retch again. The dead baby pill trade is also bringing in a lot of cash for those involved—understandably, as I would imagine it takes a lot of hush money in the Can I take these dead baby fetuses from your hospital and sell them exchange. And it's apparently not such a new industry—rumors (and purported videos) of Chinese baby meals have circulated for years, with reports like this one from 2003 lending further credence to the illicit infant trade.

SBS claims a DNA test found 99.7% human stuff crammed inside the tablets—which Google disturbingly translates as "man capsules"—and was fresh enough to distinguish gender. This is probably the most revolting thing I've ever read, so hey, we can all go to sleep tonight knowing we accomplished at least that much. Now if only there were a baby pill that would erase my brain and destroy everything involved in this story.

title is a Naive supposition. 
Chinese immorality is unquestionable, Chinese live by barbaric standards different of any human values, the lack of resources for their over growing population made such practice acceptable and a survival thing. 

The babies pills is just a progress in the sick "Chines medicine", babies and foetus are known of been part of Chinese restaurants everyday menus for a better stamina, foetus soup and even babies barbecue, surfaced on the web recently as a representation of the immorality, the perversion and the absence of any minimum of humanity in the Chinese people nature, which prompted the reputation of Chinese as sub-Humans or a deviant specie of the human kind, Chinese aware of the globalization of the world and of the fact that it's not like before  the great wall, now there is an open window on China and sick Chinese practices and perversion, The CCP and ChingChong4 are in perpetual quest to save or improve China image in the world, from censoring their internet to deliberately manipulating the news and the internet content; with a population of 1 in 5 of the total planet populace , they invade every where, infiltring differents culture, struggling to assimilation and integration, cross breeding with the locals as an holy duty for Chinese females, that explain the reputation of Chinese females as dirty whores, low and spreading their legs for every western man, his father and his grand father, she smiles at your face with her gremlins face, she gives you what you want, it's not that simple, she will stain your soul with an eternal lowness and perversion, it's Chinese evil spirit quest for integration and assimilation as a 1st step and to take over western civilisation as an ultimate goal, the semen of the western man is like an elixir that Chinese are in constant thirst of, it's the magic formula capable of changing thier ugly features and give them a new improved look, an obligation to compete in today society, since the old look of the pure Chinese race is negatively stereotyped in the world. Establishing their Chinatown is a sign of an successive invasion, of course it's a  middle step into concrete invasion, Chinatown will be a temporary command center, where they receive the new incoming army of dirty peasants, making 50 cents a day back in China, to the new promised land where they get paid a lot more while keeping their savage behavior, as spitting on the floor and making disgusting noises as squealing pigs, Chinatown will be a center for introducing Chinese culture to the westerners, from poisoning thier minds and bodies with their "Chinese Cuisine" ..Cheap, unusual taste, unusual ingredients, yet addictive...the westerners fall into the Chinese cultural invasion, it starts from the stomach, spread to the brain than to the soul, "et voila" the naive westerners soul is property of ChingChong4, after feeding the naive man, next steps, extracting the so sought for elixir; his semen,  massage parlors are the other Chinese cultural exportation or maybe  vice exportation, oh OK, it's Chinese medecine, it's therapeutic ...blablabla...Chinese massage parlors are the code name for progressive prostitution, the more you pay the more varied services you get, until the full service, from podiatry to pedophilia, Chinese are just unstoppable, westerners are hooked on Chinese perversion, pedophilia is rampant in Chinatowns, and westerners are welcoming this cultural export, western woman are not always very accommodating, and her preference for black men created an manhood related inferiority complex among the white men, Chinese are there, always smiling and spreading their legs for every man, his father and grand father.     

Back to the babies pills, it's the progress "Chinese medicine" made, since serving foetus soup and babies barbecues exploded as an expression of Chinese deviation of the Human nature, the term cannibalism is used if consuming the flesh of another human, under some circumstance, as a primitive state of mind or extreme survival condition, here, Chinese are consuming dead babies as a luxury, as stamina booster in the 21th century, it's an deviation of the human nature, it's proving that Chinese are deviants sub-humans. 
As a desperate measure to deflect the attention about this sick "Chinese Medicine"; same way as foetus soup and babies barbecues surfaces front page in search engines, suddenly, instead, in the same page, the "so fake" story of Thai people eating a black man took over and catches the traffic destined previously to "Chinese medicine" pages, deflecting the attention about Chinese "Sick Medicine". Coincidence? Nope, they even invade the web practicing an worldwide socialism to improve the image of the  mother land "pervert  China", their action on the web is invisible and often they succeed, since they represent 25% of the world population, and they are obssessed by their reputation in the world, they invest heavily in the  manipulation of the media. censoring their internet is just a little example of their obsession of the their image in the world. They reverse every rumor, often true, related to their kind and link it to other Asians.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

China is the 4th Horniest Country in the World.

The more China’s Cultural Revolution thaws, the more its sexual revolution heats up. Want proof? Just in the past eight years, 5,000 sex shops have opened in Beijing alone. Plus, China even has a SEXPO, where Chinese residents come to check out sex paraphernalia. And with 70% of the world’s sex toys made in China, its horniest country status means that a good deal of their hard work won't have to go very far.

Chinese are perverts ..with all Chinese massage parlors all over the world, and their pigs attitude, .... .They have a certain tendency to be VERY MANUAL, from masturbating to all the weird stuff they do, they got an whole art in stimulating the genitals in all the way that you never imagined, from one finger to fisting to exploring inside the vagina in an all Chinese art of perversion, with all Chinese massage parlors all over the world, in every country they are taking the monopoly of massage parlors, in every state Chinese massage are associated with the presence of chinese community, in every big metropolitan area, they are as many as the influx of Chinese immigrants, often massage parlors is a way for the freshly arrived Chinese to a job, and with the huge number of Chinese immigrants, massage parlors are more frequents than barber shops, add to that that Chinese are notorious for been naturally prostitute and often the line between a massage parlor and a prostitution is very fine, if you make a quick search on prostitution classified for example on craigslist or on a local weekly paper, you will find that the adds are invaded by Chinese sex workers, camouflaged in all forms of massages, they self proclaim Asian, but they are mostly Chinese. The predominance of Chinese in the massage parlors and sex industry is like CHINESE ARE JERKING OFF THE WHOLE PLANET.        

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gap between China's rich and poor 'threatening economy

China's growing divide between rich and poor is threatening its economic as well as its social health, a United Nations report says.

While indicators of prosperity such as income, health and education levels in rich cities like Shanghai were approaching those of some European nations, other regions ranked with African countries like Botswana and Namibia, the report found.
"Inequalities that have emerged during rapid growth have widened to levels that pose additional obstacles (to development)," it concluded.
These inequalities led to lower consumption, labour mobility and productivity, the report suggested - a key finding as global attention focuses on the future of China's economic boom.
The study, carried out for the UN by Chinese researchers, comes at a crucial time in the 30-year history of the country's economic reforms.
During that time, hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of poverty, and the UN's "human development index" for China has risen to its highest level - on a par overall with better-off developing nations like Turkey and Thailand.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Trading basics for novices: Chinese way.

Chinese Boy Sold His Kidney to Buy iPad 2 and iPhone 4...

He said he really wanted to buy a new iPad 2 but he had no money, then a kidney broker on the internet said he could help him to get money by selling his kidney one for 20,000 yuan or about $3000.

Arranged by the kidney broker, the poor stupid boy went to Chenzhou City for surgery to remove the kidney. Even his parents didn’t know anything about the transaction. After the surgery was done to take out his right kidney at the Chenzhou Hospital, Zheng was paid 22,000 yuan.

His mother was curious about how he suddenly had both iPad 2 and iPhone 4 when he returned home. When he confessed his mother soon quickly reported to the police. Unfortunately, police couldn’t find the online broker but they investigate the hospital.
Meanwhile the Chenzhou No. 198 Hospital claimed they didn’t perform organ transplantation surgery. They never knew about the surgery because the surgery’s department had been contracted to a businessman from Fujian. Unbelieveable…

Typical Chinese Immorality...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Picture worth thousand words...

ChingChong4 immorality is just incroyable....tais toi!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chinese babies are considered medical waste

According to a Shanghai Morning Post report, at dusk on March 28 in the suburbs of Jining City of Shandong province, residents near the Guangfu River discovered the remains of 15 babies underneath the Guangfu River bridge and within the the Guangfu River, and quickly alerted the authorities. The director of the health department of Jining City, Zhong Haitao, explained saying that the initial investigation has discovered that the 15 babies bodies may be babies from the local hospital that have died as a result of miscarriage or disease, and according to the law, are considered medical waste.
On the morning of the 30th, the Jining City Health Department reported that a total of 21 babies bodies have been found. From:

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Brock Lesnar disappointed he couldn’t fight “the big headed guy”

Brock Lesnar - Winner TKO (Strikes)
- Jay Glazer enters the ring to interview the victorious Brock Lesnar. Lesnar praises his teammates and thanks everyone in the crowd for coming out. Lesnar stated he enjoyed himself and was disappointed he couldn’t fight “the big headed guy”. He said he wants to keep fighting.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1 Chinese Baby Born With Syphilis Every Hour

Every hour a baby is born in China with syphilis, as the world’s fastest-growing epidemic of the disease is fueled by men with new money from the nation’s booming economy, researchers say.
The easy-to-cure bacterial infection, which was nearly wiped out in China five decades ago, is now the most commonly reported sexually transmitted disease in its largest city, Shanghai.
Prostitutes along with gay and bisexual men, many of whom are married with families, are driving the epidemic, according to a commentary published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine.
The increase reflects the country’s staggering economic growth, providing both businessmen and migrant laborers more cash and opportunity to pay for unsafe sex while away from home.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chinese males....

They all look like this 
without "just for men"                                                  And they are...

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