Sunday, February 22, 2009

Employment agencies in NYC

Employment agencies in china town serves as a Chinese prostitutes services provider as an 2nd business , beside hiring illegal Mexicans ;they help Chinese girls make some cash , of course its an under the table activity.

If u walk in an employment agency in China town ask for "Tina" thats the code name to ask for a Chinese prostitute ,then tell her :"no money?" Thats how u explain u looking for a whore.Or u can ask for cindy, and tell her u have a job and u need an live in "caregiver" girl u can make choice between nepalese, chinese or tibetan girls ...u have to pay upfront. If u are a winner and if u are in the employment agency located in the basement , there are a massagy just next to the agency all u have to do is to step outside , and u will hear the girl , saying ...massagy massagy...and she may step outside , to expose her ass so u can see her , ask her if shes mi mi ...thats the code name .... have fun! Then they will tell u the details.

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