Saturday, June 20, 2009

Compilation of posts about Asians on a NYC forum...

ASIANS THE MOST INFERIOR RACE (THE TRUTH) Seriously. The most pathetic race of men are the Asian slanty's, there own women do not want them and date men of other races especially whites. The most effeminate looking weaklings and inferior people.
The most Pathetic people on Earth, Asians (White wannabe ass kissers): As it says. The Chinks so desperately want to white that their women are dating white men in droves while the small peckered chinamen desperately look on while their sisters and girlfriends leave them for superior genes. Pathetic race of inferior people especially the Chinese, Japs and Koreans. The only noble race amongst chinks is the Viets. Asians the biggest ass suckers of the White race (Asians are Ass kissers of whitie):
Fucking slanty eyed white wannabes. The fucking flat faced Chinks especially the Chinese, Japs, Koreans Shameful race of people who's women run off with white males as if they have won some trophy, you see plenty of them here in Flushing with shit eating greatful smiles on their faces while walking with ugly middle aged balding white men while the small peckered Slanties look on helplessly and suck whities ass in the process as if the color will rub off on them. Disgusting shameless race of people, i spit on you ... Posted on a NYC forum, adjusted to fit this blog

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