Monday, August 22, 2011

Are Chinese Companies Selling Pills Made of Dead Babies?

I really hope this South Korean report is false: Chinese pharmaceutical companies are buying baby corpses from hospitals, grinding them into pills, and then selling them as stamina boosters. Feel free to gag uncontrollably now and then keep reading.
According to the documentary created by South Korean SBS TV, the baby material comes from stillborn births and abortion clinics, and is produced by a microwave drying process. Well! Time to retch again. The dead baby pill trade is also bringing in a lot of cash for those involved—understandably, as I would imagine it takes a lot of hush money in the Can I take these dead baby fetuses from your hospital and sell them exchange. And it's apparently not such a new industry—rumors (and purported videos) of Chinese baby meals have circulated for years, with reports like this one from 2003 lending further credence to the illicit infant trade.

SBS claims a DNA test found 99.7% human stuff crammed inside the tablets—which Google disturbingly translates as "man capsules"—and was fresh enough to distinguish gender. This is probably the most revolting thing I've ever read, so hey, we can all go to sleep tonight knowing we accomplished at least that much. Now if only there were a baby pill that would erase my brain and destroy everything involved in this story.

title is a Naive supposition. 
Chinese immorality is unquestionable, Chinese live by barbaric standards different of any human values, the lack of resources for their over growing population made such practice acceptable and a survival thing. 

The babies pills is just a progress in the sick "Chines medicine", babies and foetus are known of been part of Chinese restaurants everyday menus for a better stamina, foetus soup and even babies barbecue, surfaced on the web recently as a representation of the immorality, the perversion and the absence of any minimum of humanity in the Chinese people nature, which prompted the reputation of Chinese as sub-Humans or a deviant specie of the human kind, Chinese aware of the globalization of the world and of the fact that it's not like before  the great wall, now there is an open window on China and sick Chinese practices and perversion, The CCP and ChingChong4 are in perpetual quest to save or improve China image in the world, from censoring their internet to deliberately manipulating the news and the internet content; with a population of 1 in 5 of the total planet populace , they invade every where, infiltring differents culture, struggling to assimilation and integration, cross breeding with the locals as an holy duty for Chinese females, that explain the reputation of Chinese females as dirty whores, low and spreading their legs for every western man, his father and his grand father, she smiles at your face with her gremlins face, she gives you what you want, it's not that simple, she will stain your soul with an eternal lowness and perversion, it's Chinese evil spirit quest for integration and assimilation as a 1st step and to take over western civilisation as an ultimate goal, the semen of the western man is like an elixir that Chinese are in constant thirst of, it's the magic formula capable of changing thier ugly features and give them a new improved look, an obligation to compete in today society, since the old look of the pure Chinese race is negatively stereotyped in the world. Establishing their Chinatown is a sign of an successive invasion, of course it's a  middle step into concrete invasion, Chinatown will be a temporary command center, where they receive the new incoming army of dirty peasants, making 50 cents a day back in China, to the new promised land where they get paid a lot more while keeping their savage behavior, as spitting on the floor and making disgusting noises as squealing pigs, Chinatown will be a center for introducing Chinese culture to the westerners, from poisoning thier minds and bodies with their "Chinese Cuisine" ..Cheap, unusual taste, unusual ingredients, yet addictive...the westerners fall into the Chinese cultural invasion, it starts from the stomach, spread to the brain than to the soul, "et voila" the naive westerners soul is property of ChingChong4, after feeding the naive man, next steps, extracting the so sought for elixir; his semen,  massage parlors are the other Chinese cultural exportation or maybe  vice exportation, oh OK, it's Chinese medecine, it's therapeutic ...blablabla...Chinese massage parlors are the code name for progressive prostitution, the more you pay the more varied services you get, until the full service, from podiatry to pedophilia, Chinese are just unstoppable, westerners are hooked on Chinese perversion, pedophilia is rampant in Chinatowns, and westerners are welcoming this cultural export, western woman are not always very accommodating, and her preference for black men created an manhood related inferiority complex among the white men, Chinese are there, always smiling and spreading their legs for every man, his father and grand father.     

Back to the babies pills, it's the progress "Chinese medicine" made, since serving foetus soup and babies barbecues exploded as an expression of Chinese deviation of the Human nature, the term cannibalism is used if consuming the flesh of another human, under some circumstance, as a primitive state of mind or extreme survival condition, here, Chinese are consuming dead babies as a luxury, as stamina booster in the 21th century, it's an deviation of the human nature, it's proving that Chinese are deviants sub-humans. 
As a desperate measure to deflect the attention about this sick "Chinese Medicine"; same way as foetus soup and babies barbecues surfaces front page in search engines, suddenly, instead, in the same page, the "so fake" story of Thai people eating a black man took over and catches the traffic destined previously to "Chinese medicine" pages, deflecting the attention about Chinese "Sick Medicine". Coincidence? Nope, they even invade the web practicing an worldwide socialism to improve the image of the  mother land "pervert  China", their action on the web is invisible and often they succeed, since they represent 25% of the world population, and they are obssessed by their reputation in the world, they invest heavily in the  manipulation of the media. censoring their internet is just a little example of their obsession of the their image in the world. They reverse every rumor, often true, related to their kind and link it to other Asians.

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