Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Condoms 'too big' for Indian men

A survey of more than 1,000 men in India and Pakistan has concluded that condoms made according to international sizes are too large for a majority of Indian and Pakistani men.
The study found that more than half of the men measured had penises that were shorter than international standards for condoms.
It has led to a call for condoms of mixed sizes to be made more widely available in India and Pakistan.
The two-year study was carried out by the Indian Council of Medical Research.
Over 1,200 volunteers from the length and breadth of the country had their penises measured precisely, down to the last millimetre.
The scientists even checked their sample was representative of India and Pakistan as a whole in terms of class, religion and urban and rural dwellers.

The conclusion of all this scientific endeavour is that about 60% of Indian and Pakistani men have penises which are between three and five centimetres shorter than international standards used in condom manufacture.

But Indian and Pakistani men need not be concerned about measuring up internationally according to Sunil Mehra, the former editor of the Indian version of the men's magazine Maxim.
"It's not size, it's what you do with it that matters," he said.
"From our population, the evidence is Indians are doing pretty well."With apologies to the poet Alexander Pope, you could say, for inches and centimetres, let fools contend."

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