Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gandhi the real Gandhi. EXPOSED

Sex Antics of Mohandas Gandhi: His Failures, Pedophilia, Adultery, Incest, Sexual Perversion & Fetishes « Rupee News: Recording History, Narrating Archives, Strategic Vision, Profound Analysis, Unique ideas
1. Gandhi used to beat his wife up routinely.
2. Gandhi was having sex when his father lay breathing his last upstairs.
3. Gandhi denied sex to his wife for decades
4. Gandhi was an adulterer and had a spiritual marriage with two British women who were in the Ashram
5. Gandhi slept naked with his niece (and 12 year old girls) and other women to prove that he could control his manliness.
6. Gandhi would do enemas twice a day and if he liked you allowed you to enter the piece up his rectum.
7. Gandhi used to drink his own urine and also the urine of cows.

Chilled Urine drinking hot in India. From Gandhi to Prime Minister Desai to common man
Hindu India: A gift from the Hindu Gods:Cows Urine: UK Telegraph reports by Julian West
8. Gandhi son left him and converted to Islam
9. The racist Gandhi was a total failure in South Africa where he tried to stratify the society, Whites, Indians and Africans. His racism towards the Africans was horrendous. His horrific advice to all Jews to commit suicide was abomible. His atrocious letters to his friend Hitler were the height of stupidiy.
10. Gandhi condones Zulu massacres and defends the British. Aug 4 1906
11. The sex life of Mr. Gandhi, and his failures as a politician
12. The myth of Mohandas K. Gandhi debunked. He gets an “F” on South Africa, Salt Match, Non-Violence, and independence
13. Which war did Mohandas Gandhi support. All of them. There wasn’t a war that the prophet of Non-Violence did not support. He was Sergeant Major in the British Army and won a medal for his war duties
14. Gandhi’s racism. The truth behind the mask. Behold Sergeant Major Gandhi who supported the British during the Boer war, Zulu rebellion. Behold the prophet of peace who worked to stratify the South African society.Gandhi did not bring the British Empire down.
15. Gandhi’s letter to his friend Hitler.
16. Sex life of Mohandas Gandhi, his failures and sexual perversion

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