Saturday, December 5, 2009

Compilation of posts about Asians on a NYC forum...

Asian women soooo fugly What is it that makes Oriental women so bland and fugly? Is it the flat face, flat ass, flat breasts, bucktooth grin or that they smell like day old Chinese food that makes them sooo unappealing? It's a combination of being rude having buckteeth and having the body of an ironing board. Just a bad combination overall. they smell like oriental farts too. LOL. Koreans have the fugliest Asian women Koreans are the N1GGERS of the gook race. Just go to Jetro and watch these sub human animals actions. They leave their carts side ways in the middle of walkways. They push their U boats looking sideways crashing in to white humans. They play dumb at the register unless they think you overcharged them a nickle and all of a sudden the speak english. These sub humans are totally disgusting . These animals should either be shipped back to their little perverse island . Asian-Girl why they are so crazy over White guys because they have money. Plain and simple, love wasn't mentioned, responsibilty wasn't mentioned, spirituality wasn't mentioned, just MONEY. The next time you see an asian girl with a white guy on the street and you see them both happy it's because he gets sex from her without having to beg for it, and she gets his money.
 Maturing Asian girls in the later 80's, they were pea soup smelling, mismatched clothes wearing, flatbodied, oily skinned, stuttering calculators. Now, the same girls, at 29, look the same. They might have upgraded into American blue jeans, but they still have the pre-pubescent boy body, and the fishy smell and the inability to "be" American. Pushin a stroller towards the school . By her side a tall, doofy, way older White man, talking away while she smiled. "oh, she landed a white guy, and she must be so proud." They always "land" the rejects. ASIAN WOMEN Asian women are the ones obsessing with White males,but refused to admit the truth. It's a very very small percentage of White men who actually seeks only Asian women.You will find more Asian women seeking White males only.Some White males will come in defense of Asian women because they are enjoying how easy it is to get with you,so they don't want to messed that up. Why do Asians hate being Asians? is it because of all the Alien movies who resemble Asians.
Posted on a NYC forum adjusted to fit this blog.

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