Saturday, December 5, 2009

Compilation of posts about Asians on a NYC forum...Part2

Chinese women Not all White men wants these Alien looking women. 
It's just prove that some of these White men are going for Asian women as a last resort.It's also the fact that Asian women are the ones chasing White men and not the way around.These men knows these women are deperate for White men,so they have an easy chance with Asian women and they will not get turned down.  Asian women are flat chested, bucktooth and Fugs. Asian women are odd looking. They have no tits, no ass, weird looking bodies and smell funny. I saw one pick her nose in public. 
Asian women are fugly, bucktooth, flat faced and bug eyed. these women are bucktoothed, flat faced, flat ass, no tits, and apparently bug eyed orientals. Bug eyed orientals? Yep, another weird thing about them. They don't look like they smell though so I'm going to leave smells like oriental farts out. They do look like aliens though. ASIAN WOMEN ARE INFERIOR 1)They are flat chested, flat ass, fugly and overrated to white women  2) they are bubble heads  3) They are way more dishonest. They will lie and cheat to be gold diggers and get green cards  4) They are cold fishes in bed or will only whore for money  5) Alot of them can only speak in broken english  6) They tend to be boring  7) they'll play innocent but will be nice only if you have money or a green card  8) they are so overrated and fugly Asian women are overrated. I don't have any particular attraction to them. Most Asian women are rather homely and I've come acrossed alot who aren't that attractive.  Asian women are sluts, thank god! I love little asian sluts. I mean really, I'm blond and blue eyed and I can walk into any bar and pick up these little sluts. You know you take them out of the whore house and put them in a suit working at a bank or some corporate job but they have the soul of a whore. Wave the old white dick in their face and they will drop to their knees and worship my hairy balls.  I've gotten 2 of these sluts pregnant in the past and they thought that I'd marry them! HOLY SHIT are they uppity or what? You fucks who marry your asian whores are fucking stupid. I want beautiful blond haired kids whom I'll have with a real woman with like you know womanly features, tits!
Posted on a NYC forum, adjusted to fit this site.

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