Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Got asian female fetiche ?...Yes they are hot...

Are you blind?
The average Asian women is ugly,with ugly body shape. Yea there are some that are attractive to hot but that's found in every group.They are the exception not the rule.There are 1 billion plus Asians,I would say about 1-2% of the population are attractive.My friend just came from Asia,wonr mentioned which country,he told me the women were not attractive at all,maybe very few were somewhat attractive.If you like Asian women,it's fine but don't expect the rest of us to believed your lies/blindness.This is why these women wants to have mixed children with White men,it's to improve their ugly Genes.
Not all of us find Asian women attractive,some of us find them very ugly .I have friends who tell me what some date Asian women and it's not for their physical appearances.They say Asian women will cook,clean and do everything in the bedroom their men wants with no limits.The say Asian women are what White women used to be like in the 30'S-40'S,50'S.It doesn't sound like these genuinely like Asian women.It's means that if White women were like the those times again most of these White men wouldn't be dating Asian women.
Posted on a New York forum.

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